As raw material we use dried apple waste from the juice industry and granulate it into different grain sizes.

The granule is transformed into films. The finer the granules the smoother the surface. We developed four different material types. For material samples:


Paper, bioplastic or leather? Apple pomace films are a fusion of all three.
All ingredients are plant based.
The material remains biodegradable.

Main properties

  • translucent – opaque
  • smooth – abrasive
  • flexible
  • good tensile strength
  • biodegradable
  • heatproof up to 150°C
  • airtight
  • recyclable
  • printable
  • fusible & shapable
  • sewable
  • suitable to lasercut


Old pomace films can be recycled – for example pressed in the shape of a plant pot. It can be planted together with the plant into the ground and biodegrades within three weeks.
End consumer: nature.

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