We concentrate on developing new plant-based materials, circular products and conveying nature compatible ideas.

We not only develop new natural material and products, but also plan in its journey.

We believe that cycles can be only closed with material that is recyclable by nature.


Verena is a textile & material designer, product developer and researcher based in Berlin, Germany.

Her work includes:

  • Exploring & transforming natural material
  • Building circular structures
  • Developing nature compatible products
  • Using local resources

After her degree in B.Sc. in Clothing Technology / Fabric Processing at University of Applied Science Berlin in 2013 she worked for different apparel companies in London and Berlin.
During her six years of professional experience as a garment technician/product developer in the fashion industry, she became deeply aware of the wasteful dealing with our resources and how complex manufacturing processes are – the huge distances that our materials and products have to travel before they reach us. This was the trigger and great motivation to learn more about how the material basis of (textile) products can be designed better and she therefore completed a master’s degree in textile and surface design with the focus on materials.
A Matter of Fruit was created during her studies. She has been driving the initiative forward ever since.


We believe that we can only improve our worlds precarious situation with joint forces. Together with scientists, local juice producers and users we are working on finding a solution for scaling up the production process of the pomace films.

Reach out if you are

  • a scientist in the area of food-technology, bio-technology, bio-chemistry
  • an interior design or architect studio
  • a designer / design studio interested in plant-based and circular materials
  • a business who would like to use and test our material

and interested in a collaboration.


Designer in Lab – Fraunhofer
Material District
rbb 24 – Abendschau
Green Product Award 2023
Dutch Design Week 2022